Ignite Engagement

Their Need

A modern People Strategy Firm, Ignite Engagement was eager to enter the marketplace with an intentional mission of enlightening leaders and companies about the critical role people strategy plays in dysfunction, performance, expectations, and outcomes. 

Our Solution

Unlike traditional human resources/business consulting firms, Ignite Engagement is primarily focused on building and improving strategies behind people and performance. As a result, creating a clear message backed by clear, yet powerful, content was a key starting point for us, especially when we learned that leaders tend to look everywhere for solutions before realizing it’s really all about people. 

During three different discovery meetings, we uncovered how Rachael Oswald, founder of Ignite Engagement, developed and refined her skillset, instincts, and capabilities over a 30+ year career. 

Our initial approach to building her brand was crystallized by the fact that her expertise and service offerings are designed to work with individuals, teams or companies. That cross-section of core audiences, which stand alone or together, led us to the creation of her logo which we strengthened by using a color palette that conveyed human energy. 

Her tagline—People. Performance. Outcomes.—grew out of her core philosophy that business strategy must align with people strategy in order to get the performance and outcomes a team, company or leader is seeking. 

These key elements were used to build her brand identity system and to create business cards and a website.