Susan Skelley

Their Need

Although Susan Skelley has been infusing color into people’s homes and lives for more than a decade, she was eager to take her business and her visibility to a higher level.

Our Solution

Our work with Susan began with developing an understanding of her long-term goals. We needed to know where she ultimately wanted to take her business, so that we could develop a roadmap for helping to get her there. Spending time to understand her relationships with clients, target customers, sales patterns and communication techniques also gave us the ammunition we needed to build, not just an effective marketing plan, but a robust “purpose plan” for this amazingly talented artist.

For Susan’s refreshed brand, we started with a new tagline and prestige marketing piece that she could mail to prospective clients and partners or leave behind in galleries and boutiques. We also developed notecards, business cards, stickers, and an assortment of social media templates. Finally, we went to work on her website, which, like some of her paintings, will remain an ongoing process.

Creating essential marketing pieces was a stepping stone toward building a serious collaboration component to Susan’s business. By identifying and connecting with appropriate, best-fit partners, we knew her network and visibility would begin to grow. Together, we developed a 12-month calendar that included several road trips to meet prospective collaboration partners, as well as opportunities for a special series or two, holiday sale plans, and limited editions.

Susan hits the road for Beaufort County in a few weeks, and we can’t wait to see how her flair for color and lighthearted, yet refined, style, begin to enhance the homes, businesses, and lives of people living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

For people who love color as much as much as we do, Susan Skelley is a Southern treasure!

Kim is a client turned friend turned consultant.

As a business owner, I wanted to hire a consulting agency to help catapult my business to the next level but was overwhelmed by who to hire. I knew Kim was professional, entrepreneurial, and enthusiastic about promoting other entrepreneurs, so I believed she was the perfect fit. Kim invested the time needed to help me formulate my goals, develop strategies for meeting those goals, and create a timeline customized to my schedule as an artist. Not only have I already seen higher productivity and sales, but she helped clarify my niche and develop a step-by-step plan for pursuing new projects and collaborations both now and in the future. She also created descriptive taglines for my evolving brand. Strategizing with K. Hope Creative has rejuvenated my entrepreneurial spirit with excitement and encouragement. It’s given me a renewed vision with a polished, professional plan for execution.